Rainbow Cookie Zombie Effects

from the Friendship is Magic Color Guide

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Additional notes

Colors of this effect are not muted even if the pony's coat ends up muted. This effect is dimmed with any night filters. To get the muted coat/mane/other colors for any character, take the RGB value of the color, average the R, G, B values, and adjust each RGB value 50% of the way to that average. For example, if RGB is 120, 60, 120, the average is 100. The R value of 120 would then move 50%*(120-100) or 10 (ending up at 110), the G value of 60 would move 50%*(100-60) or 20 (ending up at 80).
  • Mouth
    #8B1999Stroke#8B1999 • rgb(139,25,153)
    #FFE531Fill 1#FFE531 • rgb(255,229,49)
    #FF702FFill 2#FF702F • rgb(255,112,47)
    #FF323BFill 3#FF323B • rgb(255,50,59)
    #A42DE1Fill 4#A42DE1 • rgb(164,45,225)
    #2B96E2Fill 5#2B96E2 • rgb(43,150,226)
    #2CCB27Fill 6#2CCB27 • rgb(44,203,39)