Discord Server 2nd Anniversary Collaboration

Collaboration for Discord Server Members • Ended

Finished image



After a long wait we're happy to say that the background for the anniversary collaboration is finally complete thanks to Pirill. However, since a lot of time has passed, we figured it'd be a good idea to reopen the event to allow any new server members to submit their characters and to allow existing submissions to be updated. With that in mind, we're changing the collab's deadline one last time to fall in line with the server's second anniversary. You can see the new deadline at the bottom of this section.

For the time being, here's a preview of the current state of the collab with the background. (Please excuse the color issues and pixelation, those won't be present on the final image.)

Our Discord server is almost 1 year old and so we decided to have a new collaboration project.
The idea is to have characters of server members together in one picture. Of course there are some rules for this:

  1. One character per server member, but for the sake of inclusion OCs don't have to be drawn by their owners
  2. Artists are encouraged to collaborate with each other to create character interactions
  3. Pretty much all kinds of OCs are allowed except for humans/anthro, pets are allowed as well

Our mascot, Penny Curve, and the staff will also be on the image. We haven't decided on the background yet so you can throw some ideas If you want.

We hope we can get as many people participating as possible, it should be fun.

Entries will be accepted until . Entrants can submit a maximum of 1 entry each.

This event has concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated!