TV Episodes

Generation Season Episode Title & Air Date
Friendship is Magic911S9E11Student Counsel
Friendship is Magic910S9E10Going to Seed
Friendship is Magic99S9E9Sweet and Smoky
Friendship is Magic98S9E8Frenemies
Friendship is Magic97S9E7She's All Yak
Friendship is Magic96S9E6Common Ground
Friendship is Magic95S9E5The Point of No Return
Friendship is Magic94S9E4Sparkle's Seven

Movies, Shorts & Specials

Overall # Title & Air Date
21Friendship Is Forever
20Equestria Girls: Holiday Unwrapped
19Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass!
18Rainbow Roadtrip
17Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown
16Equestria Girls: Season 2 Shorts - Better Together
152019 MLPFIM Shorts
14Best Gift Ever