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Starlight Shocked faceStarlight Shocked face Chatterbeast
akward durgon smileakward durgon smile aohoshi2008
Rainbow Dash and Applejack BrohoofRainbow Dash and Applejack Brohoof dcencia
Fluttershy Fluttershy “Skip the story where lock Rarity” dcencia
Minty Bubblegum cutie markMinty Bubblegum cutie mark dcencia
Bulk Biceps (I know exactly what you mean)Bulk Biceps (I know exactly what you mean) Hendro107
lol Pinkie Pielol Pinkie Pie dcencia
Spike Spike “I’m Strong” and Starlight dcencia
The SmoozeThe Smooze dcencia
Big MacBig Mac’s got a plan dcencia