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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash Singing (2) (full-bodied)Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash Singing (2) (full body) NinjaShadow-X
Limestone PieLimestone Pie Aethon056
Behold Mah Hooves!Behold Mah Hooves! Aethon056
Crying PinkieCrying Pinkie Aethon056
Um, that would be weird...Um, that would be weird… Aethon056
Rara at PianoRara at Piano RockingbeatLP
AJ gets Hoovsies (Rarity optional)AJ gets Hoovsies (Rarity optional) aohoshi2008
Pinkie Pie WantsPinkie Pie Wants Aethon056
Maud Pie Cute SmileMaud Pie Cute Smile dcencia
Fluttershy in DisguiseFluttershy in Disguise Aethon056