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Applejack sad with her hatApplejack sad with her hat Kevinerino
Applejack salutingApplejack saluting Kevinerino
Trixie Picture FrameTrixie Picture Frame Kevinerino
Pinkie Pie being mad about the cakesPinkie Pie being mad about the cakes Kevinerino
Trixie and No Equal Picture FramesTrixie and No Equal Picture Frames dcencia
Fluttershy Dead StareFluttershy Dead Stare dcencia
Stack of paper (without magic effects)Stack of paper (without magic effects) Kevinerino
Berry Punch and the barrelBerry Punch and the barrel Kevinerino
Pinkie Pie - I donPinkie Pie - I don’t like it one bit! dcencia
Shocked TwilightShocked Twilight Kevinerino