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ID Name Description Type Uses
656arabian robeClothing1
404bard pie outfitClothing1
622changeling armorClothing1
234cutie mark crusader capeClothing1
393filly scout uniformClothing1
402guard armorClothing1
212pony tones outfitClothing1
412ponyville buckball teamClothing1
436princess ember's disguiseClothing1
297rainbow dash's robeClothing1
403rainbow rogueClothing1
662sailor outfitClothing1
311twilight's crownClothing1
655washouts uniformClothing1
680wonderbolt cadet uniformSynonym of wonderbolt trainee uniformClothing0
131wonderbolt outfitClothing3
681wonderbolt trainee uniformClothing1
424alternate pony colors For alternate colors of existing ponies (eg discorded, equalized, etc.) Category2
ID Name Description Type Uses