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ID Name Description Type Uses
656arabian robeClothing-
404bard pie outfitClothing-
622changeling armorClothing-
392cheerilee's cheerleader outfitClothing-
750countess outfitClothing-
234cutie mark crusader capeClothing-
393filly scout uniformClothing-
402guard armorClothing-
212pony tones outfitClothing-
412ponyville buckball teamClothing-
436princess ember's disguiseClothing-
297rainbow dash's robeClothing-
662sailor outfitClothing-
311twilight's crownClothing-
655washouts uniformClothing-
729wedding dressClothing-
730wedding suitClothing-
680wonderbolt cadet uniformSynonym of wonderbolt trainee uniformClothing-
131wonderbolt outfitClothing-
681wonderbolt trainee uniformClothing-
424alternate pony colors For alternate colors of existing ponies (eg discorded, equalized, etc.) Category-
258apple familyCategory-
8background characterSynonym of minor characterCategory-
370cmcSynonym of cutie mark crusaderCategory-
247creaturesSynonym of creatureCategory-
514crystal prepCategory-
45cutie mark crusaderCategory-
237cutie mark crusadersSynonym of cutie mark crusaderCategory-
179flower trio Flower-themed trio consisting of Rose, Daisy and Lily Valley. Category-
664main castCategory-
6mane six The show's six main characters Category-
636mean 6Category-
619method maresCategory-
7minor character Ponies who had a speaking role, interacted with the mane six, or whose only purpose is to fill crowds. Category-
437non-pony characterCategory-
78original character Characters not canon to the show's universe Category-
28parent Parents of other characters Category-
85pie familyCategory-
574pillars of equestriaSynonym of pillars of old equestriaCategory-
575pillars of old equestriaCategory-
213pony tonesCategory-
214ponytonesSynonym of pony tonesCategory-
340princessSynonym of royaltyCategory-
ID Name Description Type Uses