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ID Name Description Type Uses
258apple familyCategory6
8background characterSynonym of minor characterCategory0
370cmcSynonym of cutie mark crusaderCategory0
247creaturesSynonym of creatureCategory0
514crystal prepCategory3
45cutie mark crusaderCategory5
237cutie mark crusadersSynonym of cutie mark crusaderCategory0
179flower trio Flower-themed trio consisting of Rose, Daisy and Lily Valley. Category3
664main castCategory7
6mane six The show's six main characters Category6
636mean 6Category1
619method maresCategory2
7minor character Ponies who had a speaking role, interacted with the mane six, or whose only purpose is to fill crowds. Category232
437non-pony characterCategory24
78original character Characters not canon to the show's universe Category1
28parent Parents of other characters Category14
ID Name Description Type Uses