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ID Name Description Type Uses
627cozy glowCharacter-
391crackle popCharacter-
291crankySynonym of cranky doodle donkeyCharacter-
290cranky doodle donkeyCharacter-
617crescent moonSynonym of crescent ponyCharacter-
615crescent ponyCharacter-
687crysalisSynonym of queen chrysalisCharacter-
400crystal hoofCharacter-
358cup cakeCharacter-
482dandy grandeurCharacter-
344daring doCharacter-
496dear darlingCharacter-
118derpySynonym of derpy hoovesCharacter-
50derpy hoovesCharacter-
148diabettySynonym of whoa nellyCharacter-
127diamond tiaraCharacter-
384dinkySynonym of dinky dooCharacter-
72dinky dooCharacter-
167ditzySynonym of derpy hoovesCharacter-
164ditzy dooSynonym of derpy hoovesCharacter-
144dj p0n-3Synonym of vinyl scratchCharacter-
520dj p0n3Character-
143dj pon-3Synonym of vinyl scratchCharacter-
145dj pon3Synonym of vinyl scratchCharacter-
146dj-pon3Synonym of vinyl scratchCharacter-
346doctor caballeronCharacter-
480doctor faunaCharacter-
134doctor hoovesCharacter-
157doctor whoovesSynonym of doctor hoovesCharacter-
52double diamondCharacter-
262dragon lord torchCharacter-
153dr hoovesSynonym of doctor hoovesCharacter-
152dr. hoovesSynonym of doctor hoovesCharacter-
559dr. horseCharacter-
372dr whoovesSynonym of doctor hoovesCharacter-
330fancy pantsCharacter-
265fancypantsSynonym of fancy pantsCharacter-
33fashion plateCharacter-
489feather bangsCharacter-
682fiddlesticksSynonym of fiddly twangCharacter-
580fiddly faddleSynonym of fiddly twangCharacter-
579fiddly twangCharacter-
746fire flareCharacter-
543flash magnusCharacter-
ID Name Description Type Uses